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The lunch bunch (H4BB) meets at noon on Fridays to the NWA Mall food court.

   Next meeting : April 1st 2019 - Guest speaker is Dr. Katherine Auld, who will discuss "radio waves and the atomosphere".

        Dr. Katherine Auld has taught various science classes at Northwest Arkansas Community College first as an adjunct and now as an assistant professor for the last 8 years. Her fascination with space began November 1981 when her fourth-grade class watched Columbia's launch plume billow out as it lifted off the pad. Katherine holds a B.S. and M.S. in Geology. Her doctoral dissertation in Space and Planetary Science with an emphasis in planetary geomorphology blended her geology background with her love of all things space by studying the formation processes of gullies on the Martian surface.

Katherine is working with a non-profit she founded to finance and build a STEM center in Northwest Arkansas focused on igniting a passion for science and tech.

As a Solar System Ambassador, Katherine has given presentations on astronomy, astronautics, physics, geology, environmental science, and careers in science to groups ranging from elementary to junior high classes, after school programs, home school associations, and libraries in the surrounding communities. She also assists the local amateur astronomy club (Sugar Creek Astronomical) in hosting numerous star parties each year in the area.


  • VE testing will be available at each club meeting at 8 PM. Be sure to bring $15 in cash, a copy of your current license or CSCE. Your driver's license is used for ID purposes. Let us know ahead of time, if possible, so that we have a sufficient number of VEs present.


  •  A new mailing group has been created.  To learn more or to join visit :  https://groups.io/g/nwahams

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