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This link is to information about NOAA Weather Radio including: frequencies and maps of coverage for the various NOAA weather transmitters.

Online school for weather from NOAA!

Are you ready for winter weather?

Additional links that where suggested to us.  We are NOT responsible for their content.

Home and health preparedness guide link submitted by Caylie, thank you Caylie!

Insurance info for disaster preparedness. This link was suggested by a young student named Elaina. Thank you Elaina!

Earthquake preparedness suggested by Miss Britton's class at Jean Massieu Academy

Prep for mother nature. Suggested by Janie Damelio

Understanding Air Currents and Meteorology Suggested by Patrick at W.B. Goodwin Community Center.

Earthquake safety guide. Suggested by another student named Jaclyn.

Reviewing earthquake safety and preparedness. Thanks Mary!

Lightning Information.  Libby, a home schooler, found this link to information about lightning.

Home Storm Spotting - Thanks to a student named Mia.

Winter Safety online training - Atlantic training Company (You must pay for this training)

A Telecommunications Timeline - Thanks Samantha!

Want to learn about hiking?  https://hobbyhelp.com/hiking/   Thanks to Jenny Brown.

More on hiking:  https://www.parkedinparadise.com/ultimate-guide-to-hiking   Thanks to Heather.

RV Camping:  https://www.parkedinparadise.com/guide-to-rv-camping/   Thanks to Howard.

Sustainable Motorhome Travel:  https://www.camperdays.com/guide/sustainable-motorhome-travel

Some basic home protection ideas:  https://www.reviews.com/insurance/homeowners/how-to-protect-your-home-from-extreme-weather/   Thanks to Lauren

Some more on backpacking:  https://www.outdoorsgenerations.com/backpacking-beginners/   Thanks to Julien

Another earthquake resource. https://www.losangeleshomes.com/earthquake-resource-safety-guide/     Thanks to Greg Geilman.

Lightning safety guide. https://www.basementguides.com/lightning-safety-guide/     Thanke to Grace at Teens4safety.

Safety at sea: A guide to lightning and atmospheric electricity  https://www.cruisedirect.com/safety_at_sea_a_guide_to_lightning_and_atmospheric_electricity   Thanks to Troop 325.

Does homeowners insurance cover earthquakes     Thanks to Emily.

The history of the car radio.    Thanks to Dylan.

A neat website all about zipcodes.

Another electronics resource. .https://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/car_electronics_all_about_circuits.html. Suggested by Liam and Jack.

Some information on earthquake insurance and what states are highest at risk for earthquakes

You want earthquake info? We got earthquake info. US General -- Arkansas earthquake hazards

Announcing the Arkansas Skywarn website.