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W5T Operation Test - March 2, 2008

This afternoon we conducted our first tests on installing antennas on the 1950s vintage caboose that will be used on the Memorial Day Troop Train, Saturday May 26, 2008. Our biggest concern was that operating on both 40 and 20 meters simultaneously would cause interefence with one or both of the transmitting stations. Our tests indicate that there will be no problem with interference even thought the antennas are not that far apart.

The next test will be operating the stations on board the train during a run from Springdale to Van Buren during a regular run of the Arkansas & Missouri Excursion Train. The date has not be set for the test, but we'll make an effort to post it here so you can try to work us while we are train mobile. We can hardly wait!

The article about last year's troop train is on page 21 of the March issue of QST Magazine.

Photo of caboose

1950 Vintage caboose on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (Springdale Depot)

Photo of screwdriver

Joe KD5TLH attaching the screwdriver antenna to be used on 40 meters. J bolts afix the metal baseplate to the walkway on top of the caboose.

Scott KD5KZJ and Joe KD5TLH testing the radios by operating on 40 and 20 meters at the same time.

Photo of hamstick

Scott and Joe have attached the 20 meter hamstick antenna on the opposite end of the caboose in preparation for testing.